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Friday, May 29, 2009
World Fat Loss Experts
The first call in the World Fat Loss Experts series was a huge success.

Joey Atlas ‘The Cellulite Slayer’ revealed secret technique after secret technique on how to develop a slim, shapely body.

For those of you who missed the call – do not fear – I will be releasing the recording early next week!

If you want to find out more about Joey and his amazing techniques then check out Joey Atlas at the site.

The next call in the series is set for Monday night at 8pm with the amazing Jon Hind.

I don’t know where to start when describing Jon’s accomplishments – he is literally one of the pioneers of the fitness profession in the USA.

He has trained top celebrities such as Demi Moore and Bruce Willis and worked with top professional sports teams such as the LA Clippers and the New York Yankees.

On this call we’ll be delving deep into Jon’s knowledge of how to blitz body fat in record time.

I want to know exactly how he got his celeb clients red-carpet ready!

You cannot afford to miss this call if you want to be in the best shape of your life this summer.

Start sending in any burning questions you have for Jon right now. I guarantee I’ll get them all answered.

Make sure you tell all of your friends about this FREE call on Monday night.

Send them to right now!

Yours in health & happiness

Giles Wiley – The Fitness Gentleman
Fitness expert, Author & Magazine Contributor
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