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Thursday, January 22, 2009
Top 5 Diet Tips for January
1) Think Natural, Natural, Natural.
There’s a saying, “if you can’t grow it, pick it, or kill it don’t eat it!” I’m vegetarian so I leave out the kill it part but I’m sure you get the idea of what I’m saying.
With so many different fad diets out there it can get really confusing knowing what to eat. However, as long as you keep Natural, Natural, Natural in mind you can’t go too far wrong. If it comes in a box or has a wrapper be wary of it.

2) Small and frequent is best
Small frequent meals work on a number of levels to boost your metabolism and increase the fat burning process. They also help reduce cravings and the subsequent cheating that follows. Start every day with a hearty breakfast and then plan to eat a small meal every 3 hours after that.

3) Sometimes under eating is keeping you overweight
This one takes your getting your head around but sometimes under eating is putting your body into starvation mode. Then, when you do eat the food is stored in the most efficient manner – as fat! If you’re taking in less than 1200 calories and still not losing weight try increasing your food intake from good natural foods spread out over the day into 5-6 small meals.

4) Increase your protein intake and essential fatty acids
Protein and good fats have been shown to increase the metabolism and help build lean muscle. They also have the added benefit of increasing the feelings of fullness from a meal.
New research is also recognizing a connection between Omega 3 fatty acids and a reduction in belly fat.
Remember that your protein and essential fatty acids can come from a wide variety of sources including nuts and seeds.

5) Give your body a day off
Don’t be afraid to sometimes give your digestive system a days rest. The benefits of fasting are both physical and spiritual. There’s something very powerful in abstaining from food for a day. and it’s really not as hard as you may initially think. Make sure you stay well hydrated and be careful if you have to drive long distances.

Yours in health & happiness
Giles Wiley - The Fitness Gentleman

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Monday, January 12, 2009
Putting some Why in your goals!
Hi friend

We're in to the second week of January and many people will have already "forgotten" about their New Years resolutions...

There are 5 crucial steps to Goal setting and if you miss just 1 step you'll find your goals fall flatter than a pancake.

Step 1: Know exactly WHAT you want - be really clear on your goal. Don't just say you want to lose weight - say you want to lose 15 pounds by April 15th!

Step 2: Know exactly WHY you want to achieve this goal. This is the step many people gloss over with answers such as, "because I feel fat!".
You need to go deeper on this step - you need to find your pain, "because I worry my spouse doesn't find me attractive any more and that my co-workers make fun of me behind my back!"
If this step doesn't leave you feeling either really bad or really excited then you haven't gone deep enough.

Step 3: KNOW THE PRICE you'll need to pay to reach your goal. What will it take to realize your goal - "exercise 5 times per week, 3 sessions of resistance training and 2 sessions of interval training plus modify my diet and sleeping patterns!"

Step 4: BE WILLING to pay that price. Acknowledge at the outset of your goal setting that you must be willing to put in the hard work necessary to achieve your goals.

Step 5: Actually PAY the price. This is where most goals and dreams fall flat. You need to actually do what it takes to realize your goals you can't just day dream your way to them.

If you really set your mind to it - if you truly decided that nothing would stop you - you could achieve just about anything!!

Cheers to your health & happiness

Giles Wiley

PS. Leave comments or questions and I'll do my best to answer them all.

Step 4:
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Tuesday, January 6, 2009
Nothing Can Stop Me!
Many people have contacted me recently to ask how my preparations for the Marathon in February are coming along...

Well, they're not!

I actually threw a major spanner in the works about 5 weeks ago by breaking my foot at kickboxing.

I continued trying to run on it for 2 weeks before I finally conceded that it was broken and that I really needed to rest it.

Although I'm bummed about the marathon this has forced me to get back into other forms of training. No broken foot will stop me from exercising daily!

I've been doing some great body-weight workouts including some funky push-ups such as Bear and Scorpion push-ups (I'll post a video of these very soon), these push-ups really challenge the entire body and are great for developing a lean flexible and strong body. Most importantly they develop a strong core and flexible spine. Remember a large part of your age is defined by how stiff and tight you are - a flexible spine will keep you feeling young and vibrant.

I'm starting to run again today and I'll do the Gate River Run here in Jacksonville in March and start back at Kickboxing next week.

Until next time,
Cheers, to your health

Giles Wiley- The Fitness Gentleman

PS. Check out my 5-Minute Flexibility DVD for developing a flexible and balanced body.
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Monday, January 5, 2009
This is Your Year
Man I love this time of year!

It feels so full of possibility... a clear canvas on which to create a masterpiece!

Have you planned out your year yet?

If not, I want you to give it some thought.

This is the perfect time to set out some long term goals for the year and some short term goals for the next few months and weeks.

There are many different approaches to goal setting but the main key is to make them as specific as possible - rather than just saying "I'd like to lose some weight" you want to specify, " by June 11 th 2009 I will weigh 135 pounds".

Once you've decided on your goals write them out in a book and then copy them onto Index cards so that you can look at them every morning when you first get up and every evening before you go to bed.

Now, here's the tricky part... once you've set the goal you need to believe it will happen. You need to truly believe that this goal will happen - in fact believe it's already happened and you just haven't got to the set date yet.

In my next blog I'll talk more about setting short term goals in order to reach your long term goals.

Cheers, to your health & happiness

Giles Wiley - The Fitness Gentleman.
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