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Friday, June 27, 2008
Why Do YOU Eat?
This is going to be a controversial Blog today.

Let me start by asking you why you eat?

Did you realize that slim healthy people and overweight out of shape people eat for different reasons?

They don’t just eat and drink different things they actually attach different meanings to their food and have different intentions for the things they ingest….

Consequently they see dramatically different results in their body shape and health.

Slim and healthy people eat for nourishment. They eat to make themselves stronger and healthier. They realize that good food will give them the fuel they need to live the life they desire. Each bite of food is appreciated and they know it’s doing them good.

Overweight and unhealthy people vacillate between being terrified of eating – worried that it will make them fatter and unhealthier, and the next moment worshipping food – eating for emotional reasons- scoffing down large quantities of fattening food.

I want to give you a field mission now.

You’re going to be like an anthropologist studying animals in the wild…

Next time you’re out to eat I want you to watch how slim and healthy people eat. Observe how they eat slowly and carefully – appreciating their food but not making it their center of attention. Note their upright posture, their breathing; their relaxed facial expressions…take in as much detail as possible.

Then observe people who are obviously overweight and unhealthy and watch how they eat rapidly with little thought as to how they take in their food, note their hunched posture, their shallow breathing, the look of either slight discomfort or intense pleasure in their face.

Your final project is to mimic each group as closely as possible and see how it makes you feel.

First mimic the overweight group and then the slim group.

Note how you feel and how the food even tastes differently.

Think about this exercise the next time you eat.

Yours in health & happiness

Giles Wiley – The Fitness Gentleman
Fitness expert, Author & Magazine Contributor

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